Medication Management Required For Psychiatric Patients

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Psychiatric patients will be both outpatients and inpatients. As an outpatient, the patient could be summoned by the psychiatric medication management liberty hill clinic for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or sixty day consultations. The determined timeframes could be related to the severities and/or complexities of the patient’s psychiatric illness and subsequent recovery process. Part of the recovery process entails the meticulous handling or administration of the outpatient’s prescribed medication, medication which can usually only be prescribed by a licensed and registered clinical psychiatrist in residence.

But so it happens that registered and qualified clinical psychologists with MD behind their names are also allowed to make medical prescriptions that not even general practitioners are legally allowed to make. There are good reasons for this, of course. Prescription drugs for psychiatric treatment are not to be trifled with. Patients admitted for psychiatric evaluations and subsequent treatment need to be diagnosed closely before their assigned therapist can make that call.

And yet it happens that there are those practitioners who in the sanctity of their private practice, deluding themselves into believing that no third party will be watching them, with a free hand issue prescriptions that may very well have harmful side effects. Anything could go wrong, from a rash reaction to the drugs to becoming dependent on it for life. This is why it is so important for psychiatric medication management to have its checks and balances in place.

Even under calmer circumstances, there could be mishaps. In the state of mind that the patient is in, he or she could so easily forget to take the medication. Or heaven forbid, the patient could develop a psychological phobia towards the drug and deliberately skip taking it without realizing the consequences of not doing so.

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