Nothing Worse Than Depression

Would the writer be lying? He quickly asks his housemates. It is quickly confirmed. No, there is nothing worse than depression. And yet, they seem to be coping rather well. You wonder how this is possible. How did they make matters right for themselves? Well, they could not have done it better without a little help from friends down at the depression treatment saint johns center. While others think more in terms of a hospital or institution, they see this ‘community’ center more like a home of sorts.

This is how they cope. They come back every other month for referrals or feedback sessions with their therapists. The therapists need to know how they are getting along, how they are coping with their new lives. Because living with depression is a lifelong affair. It never escapes you. It is always with you. Many people are fortunate enough to have what is referred to as a best friend, one who is joined to the hip, through thick and thin, and as long as they live. Flip the coin over to the dark side. The spectre of depression is like a school bully who never left the playground of life.

depression treatment saint johns

He is always around the corner. He is at the corner store with nothing better to do than scheme on how best to pester these good folks. The irony of it is that he will keep on trying until the day he dies. Because as hard as he may try, he is just not getting through to them. The therapy works. It takes a long time to heal. And once the healing starts, the recovery process is long too. Wise words suggest that it is like starting over. And yet still, you may as well enjoy the ride.

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