Distinguishing Between Implants And Dentures

Most readers, would by now, be vaguely familiar with dentures. Vaguely because fortunately enough for them, they have never had to face this prospect before. They continue to look after their teeth and gums as best as they can, brushing and flossing as much as three times a day. But then there are those that are more than familiar. Perhaps they are wearing them already. Dentures. They had to be fitted with these owing to severe tooth and gum decay. Too bad for them, you would have thought. But for those that are on the verge, perhaps it is good timing. Perhaps there is just enough time to decide between dental implants charlotte work or the dentures alternative.

But for those who have experience severe tooth and gum decay owing to so many years of poor hygiene and negligence, it may well be too late for them. It would be a complete waste of time having a conversation about dental implants with them. About the only thing this would achieve would be complete jealousy, as green as the moss that grows on some people’s teeth.

dental implants charlotte

In order for the dental implants procedure to be one-hundred percent successful, the patient does need to have a strong jaw structure. And he does need to have strong gums as well. The dentist or orthodontist may not be able to work with gums that are practically beyond repairing. Well, perhaps not quite. Perhaps there is still a shot in the arm. Major operative surgery? Nevertheless, such folks can still take heart. It may not be as perfect as dental implants, but a set of today’s dentures will be a whole lot better than what the old folks used to wear so far back in the day.

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